CD and DVD Barcodes

If distributing your CDs or DVDs through any sort of retail or online outlet is a possibility now or in the future, you should consider adding a barcode to your CDs or DVDs.

When printed correctly onto the packaging of your finished products, retailers are able to scan the barcode on your package at the point of sale. This triggers a code on their system which will provide them with the data relating to your disc that they have entered against the unique number on your barcode.

For stores and outlets turning over large numbers of products, this is the only way to efficiently stay up to date with stock levels and sales. Without this barcode, many outlets wont accept your CDs or DVDs.

DiskBank can provide you with a unique barcode from our GS1 allocation (Australia’s only source for legitimate barcodes), setup and ready to include onto your CD or DVD packaging.

There are some requirements for the way you include the barcode on your packaging to ensure it will work in every store using a barcode scanner. DiskBank can help you with this information at the time you purchase your barcode from us.

For more information about our barcode service, international barcode requirements please call or email us.


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