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4 Powerful Ways Branded USB Flash Drives Can Benefit Your Business

You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a need for a USB flash drive. Everyone from students to professionals, and even casual computer users, use USB flash drives for storing files and sharing documents. This presents a massive marketing opportunity, making the humble USB flash drive a powerful branding tool.

Forget about business cards, or even paper catalogues, there is no better way to get your name and your products out there than with a flash drive. At a trade show you might distribute hundreds, if not thousands of full colour catalogues for your products and services. What about the hundreds of other businesses doing the same thing? How can your business compete for mindshare without approaching marketing in a unique and compelling way? Distributing branded flash drives is the best way to capture attention for your business. Someone can easily discard marketing collateral, but they’ll always have a need for your flash drive. Your brand will stay with them, leading to potential business opportunities.

Let’s take a look at four ways that custom USB drives can help your brand.

Branded Drives

A custom USB flash drive can be cost effective, and with simple laser etching a flash drive can be printed with important information including your contact details and company logo. Full colour printing is also available, with the level of detail depending on your branding needs and how much you’re willing to invest in your custom USB drive marketing.

Value Added Drives

Consumers love useful things that they can get for free. A flash drive is a bonus on its own, but it can be improved simply by pre-loading it with valuable documents and files. The digital age allows you to go beyond basic catalogue marketing. Try distributing videos about your company and products, include helpful articles that explain how to get the most out of products, and of course include a full sales catalogue with pricing and ordering information.

Staff Drives

Branding always begins inside your company, and it’s important to bring staff on board with your brand ideas while also educating around products, processes, and even regulations surrounding your company or industry. A flash drive eliminates the need for costly printing, and makes it easier for staff to carry information with them at all times. A custom drive also provides staff with a useable tool that can increase their productivity and efficiency.

Novelty Drives

You will no doubt have seen the numerous novelty drives out there. Novelty USB flash drives capture attention because of their interesting shapes and designs. If you’re a locksmith or security company, why not distribute stainless steel key shaped drives? Jewellers even have options in the form of ring shaped drives where a novelty rubber gem covers the USB connection. Even pharmaceutical companies have options with capsule shaped USB flash drives which open to reveal the USB connection inside. A custom USB flash drive is only limited by imagination, so there’s a chance for you to use your creativity to help promote your business in a way that your market won’t easily forget.

Think about the flash drives you’ve seen in the last 10 years and you’ll immediately understand why they’re so important for branding and marketing in the digital age. From the eye catching Angry Birds flash drives that can be found almost everywhere, to innovative designs such as the stackable LEGO flash drives, these custom USB flash drives are the most effective way to market your brand at events and industry shows.

Get your business in front of as many people as possible, in the most memorable way, by creating your own custom designed USB flash drives.

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