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How to Get Your Music Heard

For Independent Artists

So you’ve done all the hard work- slaved away in that tiny studio recording your new masterpiece, held a bake sale to pay for mixing and mastering… and now it’s done. But here comes the even harder part. How do you get people to listen to your music? For an independent artist or band most of your physical sales come from selling at live gigs. However music is most accessible online - here is a quick rundown of how and where to release your music.


If you haven’t already - become a performer or writer with APRA. Register your work as soon as possible so that you can receive royalties from online downloads, radio plays and live performances. www.apra.com.au


It’s a good place to start as you can reach across a whole variety of different platforms by setting up one BandPage profile. It makes life simpler for even the laziest of musicians as you can add new photos and new music to all your profiles in one go including Soundcloud. We recommend you sign up for BandPage Plus - its only $1.99 a month. It will open up a broader range of options to you, for example add a video banner to your website or start a mailing list from your Facebook page. www.bandpage.com

Triplej Unearthed:

Don’t underestimate the impact that this can have. It’s not just digital radio it’s a whole Australian music community. The best thing about it is its easy and simple access to radio play and it’s completely free. www.triplejunearthed.com.au


This is the simplest way to get your songs to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. For album distribution it will cost you $29.99 for the first year. You still receive 100% of your sales – what could be better than that! www.tunecore.com


If you prefer to sell your music independently this is the best place to go. You can determine your own pricing including selling for $0.00 or… you can let your fans decide! You receive all the money directly without having to pay a distribution fee for the basic service. www.bandcamp.com
Ok so if you have gone ahead with all of the above your music should be pretty much EVERYWHERE!!! The main thing is to make it as easy as possible for people to find you and your tunes. For good ol’ printed CD’s, and let’s face it nothing beats holding your CD in your hands, come and check us out at www.diskbank.com.au

Jess Henderson - Music producer. Singer. Songwriter. Blogger. Redhead. Wife. Social Media Enthusiast. Accounts Administrator at DiskBank.

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