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Marketing through USB Drives

Universal Serial Bus, ‘USB’, ‘Flash Drive’ or ‘Thumb Drive’ as we may know them, are the fastest growing mode of storing and transferring data and are becoming the next big thing in marketing.

USB Drives (sometimes known as Flash Drives) are compatible with most computers and are able to store more data than traditional CD/DVDs. USB Drives are also reusable and carry a strong novelty value in today’s media saturated market.

With the majority of households and businesses regularly using personal computers, many companies are now looking to USB Drives to deliver their company’s literature and product information whilst given their clients something of value to use into the future.

One of the strongest benefits delivered by personalised USB Drives is having company branding displayed to the user each time they access the drive. USB Drives are not only more environmentally friendly than other media formats , but also serve as an innovative and cost effective marketing tool.

Other benefits of USB drives include:

• Cheaper and more effective than other advertising media like TV, radio and newspaper.
• Reusable (some manufacturers claim a life of “several hundred thousand” uses
• Easy to Use – ‘Plug in and Play’
• Customisation - Can be imprinted with your company logo and/or your company’s contact details
• Compact Size – USB Drives can easily fit in a purse or pocket.
• Capacity – USB Drives have multiple capacities, ranging from as low as 16MB up to 8 GB or higher and are perfect for most data storage needs.
• Compatibility – USB Drives are compatible with most computers with a USB port (MACs as well as PCs).
• Durability – USB Drives are not vulnerable to surface scratches like regular CDs making data totally secure.
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