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Vanda and Young Songwriting Competition Winners

Isabella Manfredi of the up and coming indie rock band ‘The Preatures’ has taken out top prize in the prestigious songwriting comp ‘Vanda &Young’ for 2013. The media hype that surrounds the winner is enough of a reward without the $50,000 prize money which is the largest prize of any songwriting comp in the world. Previous winners include the very successful Megan Washington in 2009 and international songstress Kimbra in 2011. This victory comes just after a hugely coveted tour supporting LA trio Haim who are climbing the charts after completing the US and European summer festival circuit.

Isabella’s winning track is titled ‘Is This How You Feel?’ and has been heard frequently on triple j’s rotation in the last month. Isabella is reminiscent of a young Patti Smith and writes with a strong voice. The band sounds like they are coming right out of the late 70’s and are charming young audience’s with their laidback funk rock and blissfully taking the rest of us back to the best of Fleetwood Mac. Watching their latest video for ‘Manic Baby’ it’s almost a little too clear that they are projecting themselves as a relic group from the 70’s and 80’s that has only just resurfaced for here and now. However if the success of previous winners of the comp is anything to go by; Isabella Manfredi and The Preatures are definitely a band to watch out for in the next year.

2nd place in Vanda & Young was awarded to Robert Conley for his song ‘Paper Thin’ while 3rd place was tied between Thelma Plum for ‘Breathe In Breathe Out’ and Jazmine Nelson for her song ‘Keep Her Close’.

Listen to the winning song here…


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