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Christmas Gift Guide

For those of us who want to avoid the mad rush at the shopping malls this Christmas, here are some excellent pressie ideas we found online to help you get organised early.

For your mother in Law who loves Christmas and never quite puts all the decorations away: Pine tree scented candles so it can smell like Christmas year round.

For your cousin with the epic beard: Dude No. 1 Beard Oil...yep it exists! Keeping his beard soft and smelling fresh, spicy and woody.

For your mum who always has fresh flowers in the house and insists that everything matches: A beautiful handmade porcelain shopping bag vase. And bonus...It's white so it will match everything.

For your younger cousins, nieces and nephews who seem so much taller every year: A classic wooden tree swing...before they get too old.

For your dad who has only just discovered cooking after you moved out: Jamie's Cooking Revolution and a sneaky invitation to come over to cook dinner for you.

For your partner who breaks the christmas present budget buying for you every year: An amazing acoustic amplifier for the iPhone- sounds good and looks pretty.

For your sister who just wants a tattoo this year: One of these beautiful earrings that you know will look great on her. And maybe this to make her laugh.

For your best friend who has just started her own business: Her own customised stationary that includes a whimsical portrait in her likeness.

For your uncle that always gets stuck on the BBQ but he secretly likes it: The Meat Bible. No one will ever be able to get on that BBQ again.

Finally, for that family member that you never know what to buy for because all they really want is quality time with the family: Come and get some of their favourite family photos or videos transferred to digital at DiskBank. You can turn them into a personalised calendar or a slideshow that they will love.

Jess Henderson - Music producer. Singer. Songwriter. Blogger. Redhead. Wife. Social Media Enthusiast. Accounts Administrator at DiskBank.

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