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Disc - Term commonly used to refer to optical storage devices such as DVD and CD.

DVD - Digital Versatile Disc. The audio/video/data storage system based on 12- and 8-cm optical discs. There are a number of different standards for DVD media, such as DVD Video, DVD Audio, DVD recordable, and so forth. There are also a two conflicting standards for consumer DVD recordable media: DVD- and DVD+.

DVD A - The audio-only format of DVD. Has an optional subset of DVD-Video features.

DVD-Multi – A DVD Forum-sponsored logo to identify DVD products, players and recorders that support DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD-RAM formats.

DVD Player - Either a consumer electronics hardware product designed to connect to a television set to play back DVD movies (a set-top DVD player) or a computer software application that plays DVD movies from a computer DVD drive (a DVD player application). See also DVD recorder.

DVD-R - DVD Recordable. A version of DVD through which data can be recorded once. The DVD Forum-defined write-once DVD format.

DVD+R - Alternate DVD Recordable write-once format developed by the DVD+RW Alliance.

DVD-RAM - DVD Random-Access Memory. A version of DVD through which data can be recorded more than once. DVD-RAM is designed to be written more than 100,000 times.

DVD-ROM - DVD Read-Only Memory. Stands for read-only memory, referring to the fact that standard DVD-ROM and DVD-Video discs can’t be recorded on. A DVD-ROM can store essentially any form of digital data. The base format of DVD.

DVD-RW - DVD ReWritable. The DVD Forum-defined, re-recordable DVD format. Like CD-RW, rewritable discs can be reused, but are more expensive than recordable, and are less compatible with set-top players.

DVD+RW - Alternate DVD ReWritable format developed by the DVD+RW Alliance, an industry consortium developed the alternate recordable DVD formats, DVD+R and DVD+RW (‘DVD plus’).

DTS-ES - A version of DTS decoding that is a discrete variation of DTS encoding and decoding and carries a discrete rear centre channel instead of a matrixed channel.

DTS - Digital Theater Sound. A perceptual audio-coding system developed for theaters. An optional audio track format for DVD-Video and DVD-Audio.

DTV - Digital television as proposed by the digital TV standard put forth by the Digital TV team founded by Microsoft, Intel, and Compaq.

DVD-VR - DVD Video Recording. A modified form of the DVD format used to provide enhanced recording capabilities on some DVD-RW video recorders.

DVD-Video (DVD-V) - A standard for storing and reproducing audio and video on DVD-ROM discs, based on MPEG video, Dolby Digital and MPEG audio, and other proprietary data formats.

DVI (Digital Visual Interface) - The interface standard developed by the Digital Display Working Group.

DVS - Descriptive video services. Descriptive narration of video for blind or sight-impaired viewers


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