Miniature & Business Card CD and DVDs

Miniature and business card CDs and DVDs provide an innovative way of presenting an individual or business in a compact package. DiskBank supply three different shapes and sizes of disc; 80mm mini CDs or DVDs, rectangular business card CDs and rounded edge business card CDs.

These handy little discs slot into the centre of your PC, CD or DVD tray and work just like a normal disc. The capacity of each disc varies from 40MB to 1.4GB; akin to standard CDs or DVDs the content you choose to burn on to the disc can vary from audio files to images and even small movies.

Short-runs of miniature and business card CDs are available in any volume from 1 – 5,000 with either matt or gloss laser labels. This gives you the opportunity to have a professional finished, custom made product, guaranteed to wow you and your clients. Miniature and business card disc manufacture is also available on jobs of 1,000 or more units.

80mm jewel cases and PVC sleeves are offered as packaging options for all miniature and business card products, click here for more information.

Useful ideas for this format of media include...

  • Electronic corporate brochures
  • Product catalogues
  • Annual reports
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • E-Business card
  • Short music demonstrations

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