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APRIL 2010

Promotional Pens a hit

DiskBank's partner business Red Promotional have some great deals on Custom printed Pens. Priced from around 50c each, it's hard to go past for a great value promotional item.

Published by David | April 2010 | Tag : News | 1 comments

The demise of thermal printing

One of the best developments in the disc printing industry over the last few years has been the dramatic improvement in the quality of inkjet printing technology. We're not talking about domestic desktop paper printers which double as disc printers, but the industrial grade, robotics machines. With a capacity of around 500 discs, photo quality print way beyond what thermal print can offer, deep rich, colour density and the ability for glossy, scratch resistant coating, could this spell the end of even the latest upgrade of thermal printers?
If you are a consumer of printed disc media, you should ask your supplier to show you the difference between these options, you'll be amazed at what is now possible.

Published by David | April 2010 | Tag : News | 1 comments

HD film transfers

Our Sydney and Perth offices have been offering high definition film to blu-ray or hard drive transfers for almost a year now. Out transfer involves scanning your original films one frame at a time in full high definition (1080 x 1920 pixels). The uncompressed image is colour corrected, blank sections removed and enhanced in every way possible.
If you're comparing HD film transfer methods, be sure the film is scanned 1 frame at a time and captured with the full capabilities of HD resolution.

Published by David | April 2010 | Tag : News | 1 comments

Drop in Blu-Ray replication prices

Our Blu-Ray replication prices have just dropped again. It's interesting to note the similarity to the price curve for DVD. Blu-Ray players were first shipped in mid 2006 - almost 4 years ago (DVD players started shipping in late 1996). 4 years in, prices of BD media had dropped considerably faster than DVD at a similar point in its cycle.

It remains to be seen whether BD will be widely accepted for anything outside of major movie releases (one of DVDs major areas of popularity was as a marketing tool, means of distributing information and other such corporate purposes).

Either way, it's great to see that things are moving along for the most exciting technical development in the last few years.

Published by David | April 2010 | Tag : News | 1 comments

Next Big Thing 2010

The Next Big Thing is one of Australia's leading showcases of Perth's up and coming music talent. DiskBank are proud to again be sponsoring this years competition with CD replication and packaging prizes for the first 3 places.

Heats are held throughout Western Australia, from the Kimberley, Wheatbelt, South West, Pilbara, Great Southern, Peel and Perth metro areas.

For more information, check out - entries close 13th May. Definitely a must for anyone dreaming of being, well, The Next Big Thing.

Published by David | April 2010 | Tag : News | 1 comments


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