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Blank Media

We always stock a comprehensive range of blank CD, DVD, BD as well as audio and video cassettes. Brands include Verbatim, Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Prodisc and more. For a great deal on printed or unprinted blank discs, give us a call.

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Mini CD and DVD

Looking for something different and affordable for your next marketing campaign? Our business card and mini CDs and DVDs are cheap to produce, cheap to post and quirky enough to grab the users attention.

Published by David | August 2010 | Tag : mini cd, cd, dvd | 2 comments

Permanent USB content removal

We offer the option to include permanent data to our promotional usb drives at no extra charge - nothing new here. However, if you have USB drives with permanent or locked data that you'd like to remove, we offer a locked data removal service. Give us a call and we'll step you through the process.

Published by David | August 2010 | Tag : usb, promotional | 1 comments

Fast CD and DVD printing

Fast CD and DVD printing has long been our bread and butter. We can produce 1,000 CDs or DVDs in around 1 day if needed - just give us a call. 

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