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Unique Corporate Gifts

Let DiskBank take care of your Corporate Christmas gifts this year with corporate gift pens with built-in USB Drives. Featuring refillable ink, custom printing, duplication, packaging and a premium reusable USB Drive, perfect for those with a mobile lifestyle.

Published by David | January 2009 | Tag : News | 1 comments

Christmas holidays

After another fantastic year, DiskBank Perth and Sydney will be closing from the 24th of December and re opening on the 5th January. If you have urgent requirements during that time, please email [email protected]

Published by David | January 2009 | Tag : News | 2 comments

A Christmas Gift for the whole family

Our Film and Video Transfers to DVD make an original and memorable Christmas gift. Let us upgrade your old films, videos and camcorder tapes into a quality DVD production. What better way to spend Christmas day than to relive your precious family memories on the latest technology? Call or email us for more info. Gift VOuchers available.

Published by David | January 2009 | Tag : News | 2 comments


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