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JULY 2010

Updated instant quote system

Our recently launched online quote system, has been a real godsend for us, as well as providing instant pricing access for our clients. In response to valuable client feedback,We've just updated it's functionality again to provide a more logical interface.

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Blu-Ray soon to be obsolete?

Just as we were starting to embrace Blu-Ray, Sony announces plans to supersede the next technology with the next generation, semiconductor based media. Claimed to hold over 1 Tb of data (25 times that of BD), this is a firm reminder the speed of advancement in the digital media world.

Read more about Sony's new semiconductor later technology here

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Artwork templates

While our templates page has a large catalogue of CD / DVD / BD templates, we are proud to offer total flexibility when it comes to making your own packaging. Just let us know what you want and we'll be glad to create your very own custom packaging template.

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Core Values

We've always believed that a consistent set of values are paramount to achieving our goal of being Australia's most recognised and trusted digital media specialist.
When we put our core values on paper, they weren't just fancy words, but a true reflection of what we live by. Please take a moment to read our values page. If you're a past client we hope we've lived up to these values. If you are considering working with us, we encourage you to put us to the test, we'd love to prove ourselves.

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Video production packages

We offer a range of video production packages from script writing, filming, production through to editing and implementation. Call or email for more information.  

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CD and DVD Specials

We've recently added a bunch of new CD and DVD duplication and printing specials for a range of quantities and styles. While our online quote page is always kept up to date, it doesn't cater for these further reduced packages, so please visit to see what we have on offer.

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