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MARCH 2011

USB memory prices

The recent earthquake and tsunami tragedies in Japan have had a dramatic effect on the stability and availablity of USB flash memory. In the last few days, we've seen the prices of flash memory to rise dramatically.

Not only this, but it seems that access to plentiful supplies of chipsets in the coming weeks will be very difficult. If you have USB requirements or pending quotes with us, please contact your account manager for further information.

Published by David Metcalf | March 2011 | Tag : USB | 2 comments

Video Conversions

We convert virtually every video tape format there is from our offices in Perth and Sydney. From VHS, Beta, 8mm, Video 8, Digital 8, U-Matic, Digital Betacam, SP beta and most domestic or broadcast formats, we cater for them all in house.

Published by David Metcalf | March 2011 | Tag : conversions | 1 comments


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