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DVD Media and Formats

DVD-R / -RW Format vs DVD+R / +RW Format

There are two DVD-R formats - DVD-R Authoring and a DVD-R General format. The latter format is usually referred to as ‘DVD-R’ and was created for the consumer market in 2001. Prior to this, the Pioneer S-101 DVD-R Authoring drive was developed in 1997. This format was aimed at professional use and was very expensive. Pioneer and Panasonic make some of the only DVD-R (A) drives.

The DVD+R format was originally invented by companies unwilling to pay royalties to use the DVD branded logo. Because it’s not an official DVD format, DVD+R format does not carry the DVD symbol.

The Toshiba SD-9000 fails to recognize format when tested with DVD-R media formats 1.0 and 2.0G:


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